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Sample Grant Proposals

2015 Research Grants

❶Once you learned about the Foundation, you need to get acquainted with the programs they offer. Virginia Commonwealth University Award Amount:

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NSF grant proposal guide for beginners
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2015 Dissertation Grants

Explain, why you think it is so important and what is so interesting challenging about it. Make your explanation clear and coherent so that the reader could comprehend why your research has to be funded. Also, you need to provide information about the background and technical need of the research.

Here, you need to include the long-term objectives that the results of your research will search for. Additionally, you need to write the project description itself. In other words, provide a detailed technical description of the plan of your research, what methodology, information, activities and theories you are going to use during the work on your project. Remember that there are going to be another research projects written by other candidates, so you need to show why your research is better and worth funding.

The last part of this section has to include your precise plan of working on the project. By this, we mean the ways of solving the problem in your research and the expected date of its total completion. Writing the results of the previous NSF support funding. If you have already succeeded in getting a grant from the National Science Foundation, you need to write about it and provide all the appropriate data the name of award, the period, summary of results, etc.

This is a separate part of your research proposal that provides a list of the literature that you used when citing and referencing. Here, you need to provide all the costs that you will need for doing your research, including computer services, travel, supplies and so on. There is a possibility that the NSF will cut your budget.

However, they are never going to give you more money than you asked them to give. These are the basic guidelines, which are essential to read for everyone, who is going to write a proposal. Make sure you understand all this information. Anyway, if there is something you are uncertain about, please contact us for further guidelines. Understanding the best ways and places to buy research papers online no plagiarism and get the type of services that will be satisfactory to all.

Get help with any kind of assignment - from a high school essay to a PhD dissertation. How it works Price Calculator. NSF grant proposal guide for beginners. How it works Student places an order.

Temple University Award Amount: Gender Incongruity Final Report: In Pursuit of Revenue and Prestige: Colleges and Universities, Final Report: In Pursuit of Revenge and Prestige: Colleges and Universities Grant Program: Moving Toward A Truer Picture: Sun Ah Lim Institution: Teachers College Award Amount: High School Dual Enrollment Programs: Southwestern University Award Amount: One Ranking to Rule Them All: Effects of College on Degree Attainment: University of California, Berkeley Award Amount: Student, School, and State-level Effects.

University of California, Riverside Award Amount: Predicting College Student Success: Claflin University Award Amount: When Does Money Matter?

Ball State University Award Amount: From Aspirations to Access: Peter Riley Bahr Institution: Wayne State University Award Amount: The Matthew Effect in Postsecondary Remediation: University of Louisville Award Amount: An Investigation of University Expectations of Work. University of Kansas Award Amount: Differences by Race, Gender, and Field of Study. University of California, Davis Award Amount: College Readiness to Degree Completion: Postsecondary Preparation and Remediation: Remedial Placement and Patterns of College Persistence.

First Generation Community College Students: Multilevel Analysis of Student Pathways to College. Should Transfer or Not: Univeristy of Missouri Award Amount: International Faculty in the United States: Allan Joseph Medwick Institution: University of Pennsylvania Award Amount: University of Iowa Award Amount: Peter Riley Bahr Proposal Title: Cooling Out as Institutional Racism Institution: Cooling Out in the Community College: Methods to Examine the Gatekeepers to Graduation Institution: Methods to Examine the Gatekeepers to Graduation.

Making it or not on a Dime in College Institution: University of Toledo Award Amount: Making it or not on a Dime in College. Shouping Hu Proposal Title: Florida State University Award Amount: Correlates of Decision Making: University of South Florida Award Amount: Nathan Marti Proposal Title: Persistence Trajectories in Postsecondary Education: Tatiana Melguizo Proposal Title: University of Southern California Award Amount: Obtaining a Liberal Education and Breadth of Study: Iowa State University Award Amount: University of Missouri-Columbia Award Amount: Goodwin Cragg Dissertation Chair: Valerie Martin Conley, Ph.

Ohio University Award Amount: Crystal Muhammad Proposal Title: The Role of Extracurricular Participation. Sara Goldrick-Rab Proposal Title: James Wetzel Proposal Title: Progress Towards a Degree: Reported progress under the Student Right-to-Know Act: For further information contact Susan Day. Open to show information Close all General Formatting Instructions. Individual program solicitations may require deviations from any of the formatting requirements mentioned in the templates.

A biographical sketch limited to two pages is required for each individual identified as senior project personnel.

This document highlights important requirements for formatting bio-sketches and common mistakes that can result in proposals being returned without review. Current and Pending Funding. This template provides a format for including all required information on current and pending support for ongoing projects and proposals, including your current project, and any subsequent funding in the case of continuing grants. Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources. Investigators are required to identify the facilities to be used at each performance site listed and, as appropriate, indicate their capacities, pertinent capabilities, relative proximity, and extent of availability to the project.

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You should not select additional programs because the Sociology Program does not co-review DDRI proposals. "Doctoral Dissertation Guide Chapter II.E.6 for instructions regarding preparation of these types of proposals. The National Science Foundation has Telephonic Device for the Deaf (TDD) and Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS.

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Biological Anthropology Program - Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (BA-DDRIG) Synopsis of Program: The Biological Anthropology Program supports multifaceted research to advance scientific knowledge of human biology and ecology, including understanding of our evolutionary history and mechanisms that have shaped human and.

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Writing Doctoral Dissertation Proposals for Social, Behavioral, Overview • The National Science Foundation • Writing and Submitting a Proposal • The Review Process. NSF Is an Independent Agency of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government Cabinet Departments Independent Agencies Agriculture Health & Human Services Interior National. Funded NSF Research and Dissertation Grants The links below contain information about the funded Research Grants and Dissertation Grants for the years View citations for published work resulting from AIR Grant Awards.