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My first job gave me experience with professional and creative writing assignments, and my supervisor went over everything I wrote with a literal red pen. As I integrated his edits, I learned two powerful lessons: Instead, I accepted the input and made the changes.

Over time, as I consulted with style guides and copy editing resources to fine-tune my skills, my documents came back with fewer and fewer red marks. In my mids, I left that job and launched my freelance writing business.

I attended conferences, joined a writing group, read books about writing, and slowly acquired knowledge and skills specific to the world of freelance writing. It involved zero strategy and a lot of guesswork. After years of gaining bylines in magazines and writing feature stories for our city newspaper, balancing the work with parenting , I decided to write something longer, something lasting.

No longer alone, I was assigned an editor and marketing team. This informal mentoring empowered me. I could do this, I thought.

I maintained contact with these industry professionals and collected insider knowledge. The timing was ideal. I joined the editorial team of another organization, and my work with these two organizations gave me another gift: They called me their writing teacher, but I thought of myself as their coach. In , I co-led with Charity Singleton Craig an online workshop on the writing life. We created a space where participants began to consider their goals and the sustainability of their writing lives over the long haul.

The Online Writing Coach. Login Welcome to the Online Writing Coach. Please log in to access the system. The Online Coach is closed until further notice.

Welcome to the Online Writing Coach. Due to Hurricane Florence, the Online Coach is closed until further notice. So thank you for your expertise, coaching and support Debbie! I am truly so grateful. WORK WITH ME Through my one-on-one coaching and online classes, I help motivated writers reach their writing goals — start or finish that book, pursue a traditional publishing deal, strategize next steps — with clarity and confidence.

Looking for a Writing Coach? My Online Programs My classes and programs are aimed at writers of all types who are looking for more targeted support and accountability as they work towards their individual writing goals, as well as would-be authors at varying levels of their craft, from beginning writers with the seed of an idea to those with a solid idea and a dream of pursuing a traditional publishing deal.

Pre-submission questionnaire to ensure you get the type of feedback and support you need Review of 25 pages of content, including a detailed editorial letter outlining my feedback One minute phone or Skype follow-up session to discuss my notes Investment: Included in your Writing Project Strategy Session is: Your Personal Book Partner Do you have a book or several books you want to write but know your best shot at realizing your dream of publishing it is teaming up with a publishing pro who can provide you with personalized support, insight, and accountability?

Two minute calls per month via phone or Skype Unlimited email support to answer burning questions, address challenges, get quick feedback on short bits, and problem solve in between sessions Developmental and content review and editing for up to 20 pages of your manuscript or proposal per month Access to collateral from my classes: Bestselling author and lifestyle expert for women Samantha Ettus on developing a powerful, multimedia platform; author and web strategist Tim Grahl on the importance of marketing and building an audience for authors; branding guru Liz Dennery Sanders on how authors can build their personal brands; and seasoned editor and former agent Jennifer Repo with an inside look at the publishing acquisitions process and working with literary agents.

Towards that end, the kinds of things we might cover during our alliance includes but is not limited to: Getting clarity on your book idea Problem solving around book content, structure, and organization of ideas Finding time to write in an already busy life Setting achievable goals, targets, and schedules Facing doubt and fears related to writing Adapting proven writing strategies to your specific habits and styles Brainstorming all aspects of your idea, your book, your brand, and your plan Crafting a powerful, sellable book proposal Cheering you along the way for all your progress and successes, big and small Working with me as a Personal Book Partner is a good fit for writers who: Write Your Irresistible Book Proposal Write Your Irresistible Book Proposal is an intensive online course that guides writers through the process of writing, and completing, a book proposal.

The Book in You The Book in You is a focused online course that helps you get clear about what you want to write and why you want to write it, discover your unique author POV, understand where your idea fits in to the marketplace, know who your audience is, and feel empowered to take the next steps in writing your book.

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The Write Coach will work with a current writing project, design one, or support a current writing curriculum. Those who sign up with The Write Coach will receive an email with writing instruction and feedback within 24 business hours, Mondays through Fridays.

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A writing coach helps you tweak your manuscript before submitting it to literary agents, traditional publishers, or book printing services Understanding the business end of the publishing industry gives writers a better chance to be published in a changing ever-more-competitive market.

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Limits: Online sessions count towards the number of sessions per day or week that a student can have. For example, undergrads can have two coaching sessions per week. An undergrad could have two sessions online, two sessions in person, or one of each kind--but NOT two sessions in person and an additional one online. Welcome to Prentice Hall Writing Coach Online for Texas. Teacher Registration Process. Returning Users.

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Larry Leech offers writing and coaching services, including content editing and ghostwriting, to aspiring writers, novelists and professionals, small business owners and students. Online writing coach - Change the way you deal with your homework with our approved service Instead of wasting time in unproductive. Connect one-on-one with a great online Writing tutor instantly. Do you have a desire to write, but perhaps you find yourself frustrated by an inability to develop or organize your writing, or perhaps you're.